Define the number of dining establishments the number of tables and their capacity.

The system will allow alternate configurations of tables to suit large parties where desired (e.g. by combining tables).

Menus can be entered (where these are set in advance as part of a package).

Advance Booking with part payment or payment in full for a set menu or package.

Tables can be designated open for more than one party if required (i.e. sharing allowed) or restricted to one party.

Where guests require a table on a non-sharing basis, a supplement can be charged on premier days for any unused occupancy.

Parties are allocated to specific table(s) at the time of booking.

Bookings may be changed by the operator as required.

Dietary or special requirements can be recorded on the system either at the time of booking or subsequently by amendment.

Event and table listings can be printed, faxed or e-Mailed to caterers as required together with any menu choices that have been pre-selected.