Entry System

Entry System

Entry System

Entry System

Prevent ticket fraud - each ticket is unique and fully traceable.

Provides speedy access into the venue for large crowds.

Ability to invalidate tickets/cards that are lost or stolen.

Provides a means of distinguishing clearly one ticket type from another. Automated permit/restrict/prevent entry according to the ticket/card type presented.

On Scanner Messaging to alert staff e.g. 'Tickets reported Lost in Post - please contact Admin Office' or 'VIP Guest - please direct to room 12'.

Provide at-a-glance numbers of people in the venue by tracking all access and people exiting and re-entering the venue in real-time.

Flexibility and functionality to operate a loyalty scheme, which will help to increase marketing opportunities. Smart Card option to replace membership badges at the venue.

Access control including Car Park administration.

Monitors the time that customer's enter/leave the venue.

Manages a "pass out" system for allowing people to exit and re-enter the venue. Automatically collect customer data from on the gate sales.

Option to offer all ticket holders the opportunity to make purchases of food, drink,and other products using the secure tickets.