Online Booking & Ticketing

Online Booking and Ticketing

Online Booking and Ticketing

Online Booking and Ticketing

Streamlines booking processes regardless of operator location.

Deals with advanced, on the day POS and Web ticket sales.

Handles all payment types, complex pricing and discount structures.

Handles deposits, part payments, invoicing and provides a debtors lists.

Handles the sale and administration of season tickets/annual membership.

Fully traceable E-Ticketing with fast swipe, bar coding and ticket messages.

Booking specific letters, SMS or emails for bookings or ticket sales where required.

Accounting on sales and takings with detailed reports / breakdowns. Full audit trail integrity.

Provides real-time attendance figures at a glance and produces accurate advance sales reports.

Enables E-mail and SMS Text Messaging of Event / Hospitality information.

Handles reserved and unreserved seat sales.

Provides a secure environment and fraud prevention measures.